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Fair Wages and Human Rights

Fair Wages 


The goal of NSI is to create an economic engine through the use of land and natural resources.  NSI will partner with local communities and citizens, and industry experts and qualified developers will ensure the successful long-term viability of a new economy.

NSI jobs' creation will allow local citizens to earn a fair wage in compliance with all local and national laws in Nicaragua.  The wages paid will allow people who are employed to create ancillary jobs to fuel additional growth.

The minimum wage in Nicaragua varies based on the economic sector.  Many are monthly wages rather than hourly rates.  However, for the sake of comparison and understanding, we have identified the rates on a per-hour basis.  A cross sample minimum wage from the current Nicaraguan regulations reflect a wage of 4176.49-9346.59 Córdobas per month, which translates to $128.31-$287.16 in USD per month (using the exchange rate at 0.031 USD per 1 Cordoba). That means the hourly wage is between $0.74-$1.65 USD per hour.  Source link:

It is hard to imagine people living on even the highest minimum wage in Nicaragua. While the goal is a living wage which will improve the livelihood of the people in the autonomy, it will also lead to better health and reduced medical costs. Making sure we are careful in how this process takes place will benefit the developers and the employees, thereby contributing to success and growth.

Human Rights

Without a strong OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)-type regulatory agency in Nicaragua, it falls to NSI to enforce safe and fair labor practices for all projects.  We intend to develop an oversight group that will enforce compliance with fair wages and safe working conditions patterned after OSHA and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, including rights to ownership, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, the right to a public assembly, the right to equality before the law, the right to work and to earn a fair wage for their work, and many other basic rights as defined and laid out by societal norms.

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