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Christian Values

Founded on Christian principles, the core team works from a common value: "We all rise by lifting others."

We believe in making positive changes to the areas in which we work, changes that will provide new solutions over time and that can interrupt the cycle of poverty that contributes to terrorism, rejection of democracy, and acceptance of radical political solutions.

We believe in the people in host communities who help us to define the development projects and contribute to ensuring ownership, appropriateness, and long-term effectiveness – people who will want and seek our assistance.

We believe in partnerships with a broad cadre of institutional, academic, development, and engineering professionals who are willing to assist.

We believe in environmentally sustainable projects that are symbiotic with the environment, society, and culture.

We believe in education that will develop a new generation of people who will benefit from seeing solutions to the problems in developing autonomies.

We believe in ethics that require the highest level of integrity and that promote honesty, communication, and forthright disclosure; human dignity, value, and respect of diversity; social responsibility and appropriate action; fairness and equitable distribution of time, effort, and resources; responsibility to share skills and resources; and recognition that people should not be exploited through the use of technology.

We also believe that the non-engineering components of local needs are almost always more complicated than the engineering aspects.

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