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Company Profile

NSI was founded by Keith Francart and Shawn Wilson to be a cause-based, for-profit corporation that is Christian-owned and -operated.  Its purpose is to strengthen relationships with the indigenous people who make up the majority of the population in the RACCN (Región Autónoma de la Costa Caribe Norte, or North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region).  That area currently has a 90% unemployment rate.  Utilizing natural resources there will provide long-term employment opportunities to improve basic living conditions and physical infrastructure within the region.

Joining Shawn and Keith’s efforts in 2010 initially as a consultant, current Board Member and CEO Walter Rule has continued to support the Christian vision by assembling a team of managers, advisers and consultants who share that vision and are committed to bringing sustained change and improvement s for the people of the Caribbean coastal autonomies of Nicaragua. 


The initial development project will be located near Puerto Cabezas.  This sustainable timber-and-wood processing project will be a combination of two synergistic operations located at a single site. The first will be a large-scale timber operation that will sustainably harvest and process timber into lumber; the second will be a biorefinery that will use the waste wood and sawdust from the timber operation to make 94-octane gasoline and electrical power.


For each of the projects, educational and vocational training programs will be established to support employment opportunities at all levels for local indigenous citizens.  

NSI will hold all the rights to the projects and create individual entities to develop the projects under rights granted by NSI.

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