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In keeping with the goal of creating eco-friendly and sustainable industries, NSI is looking to alternative technology to handle mill loss, timber waste and other waste from its timber operations.

After considerable research, NSI is pursuing a licensing agreement with CORE BioFuel, Inc. (CORE) to establish a biofuel refinery near its timber operations. CORE is a technology provider and project enabler for a proprietary biofuel refinery that can produce quality bio-gasoline from various non-food waste biomass such as agricultural residue and the cellulosic component of municipal solid waste. CORE’s biomass-to-gasoline process is a highly efficient process that uses proven commercially available equipment combined in an efficient method to produce a unique product from biomass – green gasoline.

NSI will utilize its timber waste and mill loss, the disposal of which could create environmental issues, to fuel the biorefinery. This combined process would create an eco-friendly timber and milling operation, provide an additional source of jobs, and power economic growth for the region as well as provide enough green gasoline for the average fuel needs of approximately 50,000 cars per day.

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