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Forestry Management History

The timber project was started by a force of nature called Hurricane Felix in September 2007. Hurricane Felix struck land directly in-between two communities we started working with in 2006. It struck as the first known in recorded history on the eastern seaboard and made landfall as a Category 5. 

Hurricane Felix Sept 2007

As stated, New Sunrise was working in the area previous to the impact of Hurricane Felix in 2007 and New Sunrise was on the ground with relief supplies made available from contributions of our local Church families one week after this disaster struck.

Because of the impact, many of the exotic hardwood trees were felled. Initially a different company came in, but rather than help, as in most cases, tried to exploit the indigenous people. That is when the people asked us if New Sunrise could help.

What started in 2009 as a recovery effort with clean up of fallen timber in a 10,000 hectare ( 24,700 acres) area has grown over the years to a project covering over 107,000 hectares (over 266,500 acres). This project is being managed by a Joint Venture between New Sunrise and the territorial block of communities of which New Sunrise is under contract. 

New Sunrise has signed legal agreements between the municipal authorities of the timber communities which grants New Sunrise full legal rights to harvest and export the timber.

A list of available species, and quantities are available. Just drop us a contact request.