About New Sunrise

New Sunrise is working primarily in the regions on the eastern coast of Nicaragua. The images on the right show the two Autonomies, RAAN, and RAAS. New Sunrise over the years has gained the trust through our extensive work in the region with the people and leaders. New Sunrise has the legal documents to prove our claims.

The land is untapped, the indigenous people are willing to work and will work very hard. They are also very cautious. This is the reason it has taken many years to get the projects off the ground. The indigenous people have been taken advantage of in the past, sometimes by their own people. They are looking to New Sunrise to help them find and validate companies who are willing to invest in their region while making a good return on their investment. They will need training and will be very grateful for those willing to help them see a change for the sake of generations to come.

New Sunrise, Inc. is a caused based corporation utilizing secured land and natural resources through land leases with qualified developers to transform eastern Nicaragua into a regional economic engine.Over the last several years New Sunrise has traveled to Nicaragua numerous times to meet with the local officials, members of the regional government and senior members of the central government located in Managua. During this time New Sunrise has acquired large amounts of property for use with qualified developers. All of our work has been done with the full support of the communities, the regional and national governmental authorities.

New Sunrise fully believes in the potential for the people of Nicaragua and the potential for utilization of land and resources. You will too when you join us!

  • Nicaragua Shoreline

    Nicaragua Shoreline

    Here is an example of the typical shoreline on the east coast of Nicaragua. Some of the coastline boasts much larger beach type areas and a beautiful view of the Caribbean. Read More
  • Nicaragua Location

    Nicaragua Location

    Nicaragua is located in Central America. It is the largest country in Central America. It has about the same land mass as the State of New York. New Sunrise is working primarily on the eastern coast of Nicaragua. The primary inhabitants on the east coast are indigenous indians Read More
  • Shoreline View

    Shoreline View

    This shot was taken looking over the railing at a local restaurant in Puerto Cabezas. There are many such views overlooking the Caribbean. This was taken during the rainy season and just after a storm had passed through. If you look closely at the picture you can see the clear blue water just a little ways off shore. This is normal after a storm surge and passes rather quickly. Read More
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