Welcome to A New Sunrise

Welcome! The overall mission of New Sunrise is to transform eastern Nicaragua into a regional economic engine. The methodology is through the use of secured land and natural resources. This has been done over the years via land leases partnering with the indigineous people and then identifying qualified developers. Since the founding in 2006 New Sunrise has traveled to Nicaragua numerous times to meet with the local officials, members of the regional government and senior members of the central government located in Managua. All of our work has been and will continue to be done with the full support of the communities, the regional and national governmental authorities.


What's In a Name?

Our company name, New Sunrise, was requested by the people we are working with on the eastern coast of Nicaragua. It is also shown in the header with the name in Miskito, "Ingnika Kum Raya" and Spanish, "Un Nuevo Amanecer". Spanish is the main language used in Nicaragua, however, in the area we are working the Miskito language is more prevalent.